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30 Cool Craft Techniques Youll Wanna Try

When's the last time you learned a new craft technique you've been dying to try?  Why not break out of your regular crafting rut and try one of these awesome new ideas for size?  From stamps to stencils to making you own spin art using your salad spinner, here's a helping of super easy techniques that will get your creative juices flowing!  Click the link below each photo to be taken to the blog post featuring the technique!

1. Easy Fabric Printing using stamps
2. DIY Silk Screening using an Embroidery Hoop
3. How to Dip Dye
4. Sparkly Stained Glass Jar Tutorial
13. Faux Embossing with Tissue Paper

14. How to make Bleach Art/Tie Dye Tees
15. How to create Watercolor designs using Fabric Markers
16. How to do a Glittered Iron-on Transfer
17. Make your own Glowing Slime
18. Use a Potato as a Stamp
19. Make a Dish from a Doily 
20. How to make your own stamp from an eraser
21. Create a striped tee using tape and Fabric Spray
22. Make a giant stencil from a portrait photo

23. Do an iKat design using Tie Dye
24. Scrunch Tie Dye Technique
25. Make rolled flowers from t-shirt scraps
26. Create a herringbone pattern with masking tape
27. Use Puffy Paint to make a necklace
28. Create cool t-shirt designs with kids using freezer paper

29. Make your own Rainbow Hair Extensions using dye
30. Make a silhouette from a photo

Which one of these techniques are you thinking about trying?