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How to Create Canvas Quote Art with Fabric Markers

How to Create Quote Art with Fabric Markers

Techniques . May 19 2020 .Posted By: Admin

We all need a little humor surrounding us to make us smile. It can even be just as simple as a favorite quote. Not often will you find your favorite funny quote already on a canvas ready to buy, but that’s okay. You can create your own using Tulip Chisel Tip Fabric Markers. Make a work of art all your own that shows your creativity all while bringing that oh-so-important smile to your face!

Trace your favorite quote onto paper.

Step 1:

Decide on your favorite quote and trace it onto. piece of paper. Use a craft knife to cut it out to create a stencil.

Cut out traced quote using a craft knife.

Step 2:

Carefully cut out traced words to create your stencil for easier creation of your canvas quote art. Place newly created stencil onto canvas.

Fill in stencil openings with favorite fabric marker colors.

Step 3:

Use your fabric markers to fill in stencil openings with as many colors as you desire!

Remove stencil to reveal design.

Step 4:

Remove stencil to reveal your newly created quote art!

Find a place to display for daily inspiration!

Step 5:

Display for easy and daily inspiration!

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