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Tulip How To Paint Grip Socks with Dimensional Paint

How To Paint Grip Socks with Dimensional Paint

Techniques . April 17 2020 .Posted By: Admin

Wondering how to paint grip socks with Dimensional Paint? Check out this easy step-by-step grip socks tutorial using Tulip Dimensional Paint!

What you need:

- Tulip Dimensional Paint in desired colors

- Socks

- Cardboard

- Scissors

Step 1:

Cut pieces of cardboard to fit inside the socks you'll be painting. This will help create a smooth, stable painting surface for your Dimensional Paint, and will help prevent paint from soaking through to the other side of the socks.  

Step 2:

Place the cardboard into the socks. Tip: If your socks are new, it helps to pre-wash them (without fabric softener) before painting on the gripping with Dimensional Paint. New fabrics are coated with a product called sizing that can prevent the Dimensional Paint from properly adhering to the sock fabric. Make sure your socks are clean and dry before painting on the gripping.

Step 3:

Shake bottles of Dimensional Paint and if desired, practice creating designs on scrap paper, paper towels, etc. Squeeze Dimensional Paint directly onto the undersides of socks, creating any designs you like, such as stars, bugs, animals or even words. Once you finish using the Dimensional Paint to create your grip socks, lay flat and let dry completely.

Tip: If you aren't comfortable just freehand creating your grip sock designs, you can use a pencil or a chalk pencil to lightly draw your designs onto the sock fabric, then trace over them with the Dimensional Paint.

Step 4:

Once the grip socks are completely dry, they're ready to keep feet cozy and slip free!

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