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Back to School DIY Ideas for Home or the Classroom

School is back in session, and whether your student is in an actual classroom or learning from home this semester, they’re still going to need stuff to wear! These back-to-school outfit ideas work for attending class virtually or in person, and are comfortable, colorful and fun. The best part is you can upcycle last year’s gear and save on spending when you use Tulip Color Products. Get creative and stylish for the new school year with these easy DIYs!

What you need:

Tulip Fabric Paints

Tulip Fabric Markers

Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color

- Paintbrushes, stencils, tape

- Jeans, backpack, hat, leggings and other desired clothing

Dazzling Glitter customized backpack

First things first; every student needs a backpack for toting around their books and school supplies! Even if they’re learning from home right now, they’ll still need a backpack for study dates or when they head back to the classroom. Give last year’s bag a whole new look with mega sparkle from Tulip Dazzling Glitter Paints. It’s a great way to cover old stains or just to add some extra personality with dimensional glittery designs. Not into glitter? Try Tulip Dimensional Paints instead!

Custom painted jeans with Soft Fabric Paint

Jeans are a staple in ALL of our wardrobes, so this back-to-school outfit idea shouldn’t come as a surprise! But you can give them a totally unique, one-of-a-kind makeover with Tulip Soft Fabric Paints. Splatter and sponge your way to all kinds of awesomeness for a pair of jeans that’ll be a new go-to for any day of the week. Soft Fabric Paints dry soft, flexible and machine washable to keep up with your kid’s busy school day.

Personalized leggings with ColorShot Instant Fabric Color

For those days when nothing but something comfy sounds good to wear, this back-to-school outfit idea wins extra points. Your child can throw on a bright & colorful pair of leggings and get right to tackling those math lessons! (And it’ll be even easier to transition from school lessons to sports practice without skipping a beat.) Personalize a pair of leggings the quickest and easiest way with stencils and ColorShot Instant Fabric Color. Just a few spritzes of color and your kiddo has a totally cute, comfortable new school outfit.

Custom painted glitter shoes

Shine like a star in glitter-painted kicks that’ll give any outfit a cosmic boost! This back-to-school outfit idea is seriously easy to recreate on any pair of shoes. You can come up with your own designs, or fill in just the toe or heel of your shoes; the creative possibilities are endless! Try something new, have fun and let your personal style sparkle with Dazzling Glitter Paints or Tulip Dimensional Paints in cool glitter finishes.

ColorShot tie-dye T-shirts

You may or may not have figured out by now that we’re big fans of tie dye here at Tulip, so of course we’d throw in a back-to-school outfit idea involving tie dye! If tie dye is in short supply where you live right now, did you know you can put a whole new twist on it with ColorShot Instant Fabric Spray? That’s right! Fold, swirl or crumple a T-shirt and spray on this user-friendly fabric spray paint for instant, colorful tie-dye effects. Try tie dye in a whole new way, PLUS you get a new favorite T-shirt out of it. Make one for your whole crew!

Personalized hat with Tulip Fabric Markers

It happens to all of us whether we’re a student in school or the CEO of a company: the dreaded bad hair day. That’s why having a hat that looks great on you (and is great for covering up unruly hair) is a MUST. Plus it’s perfect for covering up under the sun during sports practices and other outdoor activities. Have each of your kids decorate their own hats just the way they like with Tulip Fabric Markers and stencils. They can make colorful designs, words and inspiring quotes – whatever they’ll feel good in when it’s time to wear their hat! 

Painted denim jacket

denim jacket is one of those clothing items we can wear almost year round. It’s great for chilly classrooms or layering with sweaters when the weather gets cooler. Not to mention its versatility – a denim jacket goes with EVERYTHING. Take this back-to-school outfit idea and make it your own with Tulip Brush-On Fabric Paints. Use stencils to create an inspiring quote your student will love to sport around campus, pretty floral designs or whatever goes with their personal vibe. No matter where the new school year takes our kids, they’ll be able to take it on with their own personal flair with a little help from Tulip!

Puff Paint Jeans

The 90s are back in a big way, and we’re all about it! Head back to class in stand-out style with Puff Paint jeans customized with retro flair. Abstract and geometric shapes aren’t just for math class, they’re perfect for back-to-school fashion too! Get out your Puff Paint and get creative with a pair of jeans you already have, so you can save that spending money for after-school fun.

DIY Superhero Shoes with Fabric Paint

If you’re looking for back-to-school outfit ideas that pack a powerful punch, it’s Tulip Fabric Paints to the rescue! Personalize a pair of shoes with your favorite superhero – or super villain – for kicks that kick your style into out-of-this-world awesomeness. PS. This is a great way to cover old stains or shoes that are starting to look dingy but still have lots of life left.

Fabric Markers Roll Up Case

Back-to-school essentials include a case to keep your writing tools in! Personalize the Tulip Fabric Markers Roll-Up Case with a rainbow of color for some extra flair when taking notes and taking tests. The case rolls up compactly for an easy fit into any backpack so you always have your favorite writing tools on the ready.