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Dazzling Glitter

Dazzling Glitter Brush-On Fabric Paint Dazzling Silver 2 oz.

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  •        Crystal clear bottle shows off this dazzling glitter paint
  •        Paint is permanent and washable
  •        Great for adding glittering effects to any fabric project
  •        Conforms to ASTM D4236

Always test for best results.
1. Prewash fabric to remove sizing.
2. Place cardboard between layers of fabric to create a stable painting surface and prevent seepage to back side.
3. Using brush or sponge, apply 1-2 coats of paint to fabric. 
4. Let dry flat 4 hours.
5. Fabric can be washed (turn inside out) after 72 hours. Lay flat to dry.

• Let coats dry after each application.

• Multiple light coats are better than one heavy coat.

• Use pre-made stencils or use tape to mask off areas to create cool designs.

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