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ColorShot Interior

ColorShot Interior Wine

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Tulip® ColorShot® Interior Upholstery Spray takes your home décor fabrics from faded to fabulous with a gorgeous color palette that complements any season and style. This easy-to-use aerosol fabric spray paint will bring your furnishings back to life with rich pigments that look stunning on both natural and synthetic fabrics. Achieve beautiful, even coverage in one easy step for color that dries fast and soft to the touch without covering the weave of the upholstery or rubbing off on clothing, making it perfect for using on furniture and throw pillows. Give your home a fresh new look that will last with ColorShot Indoor Upholstery Spray!

Why Tulip ColorShot Interior Upholstery Spray?

  • Works on natural (absorbent) and synthetic (non-absorbent) fabrics
  • Applies evenly with no drips or splatters
  • Richly pigmented color that won’t rub off on clothing
  •  Dries quickly and soft to the touch
  •  Allows the weave of the fabric to show for a more natural appearance
  •  Ergonomic spray pump reduces hand fatigue and increases spray control 

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