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DIY Quote Art Canvas

Some of us have quotes that we live by every day. Whether they’re words of inspiration, morals we live by, or daily reminders to make us smile. Once we find that one quote we love, we stick to it. Not often will you find your favorite quote already on a canvas ready to buy, but that’s okay. You can create your own using Tulip Chisel Tip Fabric Markers. Make a work of art all your own that inspires and shows your creativity.

What you need:

-Tulip Chisel Tip Fabric Markers

-Blank Canvas



-Tracing paper for your pattern

First, you’ll want to create a design on your tracing paper of your quote. Once you’ve done this, you can trace on your canvas using a pencil (so you can erase if there’s a mistake). The tracing paper transfers your design to the canvas. Now you’re ready to add color!

Be sure to make it a true work of art by adding accents like flowers, birds, shapes or whatever makes the piece complete.

Tulip Chisel Tip Fabric Markers make is easy to add color and inspiration to your world.