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Dual Tip

Dual-Tip Fabric Markers Rainbow 14 Pack

Unleash your creativity with their intense, vivid colors!
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Whether drawing, doodling or coloring, you can count on these easy-to-use nontoxic Fabric Markers for true, permanent color that lasts.

Easy to use for all ages, Tulip Dual-Tip Fabric Markers are available in a reusable storage pouch for easy access.  The Tulip Dual-Tip pen features a Brush Tip for stenciling and broad coverage and an Extra-Fine tip for writing, doodling and creating detailed designs on fabrics.

Colors included are Pink, Red, Orange, Peach, Yellow, Lime, Teal, Green, Light Blue, Dark Purple, Purple, Brown and Black. All inks are nontoxic and machine washable. No heat-setting required.

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