Tulip Body Art

How long do temporary henna tattoos last?

Temporary tattoo paints will last up to several days on skin with proper care. Areas of skin with more exposure to washing (i.e., hands) tend not to maintain designs as long.

Are these henna kits safe?

Our henna kits are quality tested to ensure compliance with the FDA’s cosmetic regulations. Some colorants in the temporary tattoo paints are not approved for direct use on the lips or eye area, so please refer to the product packaging for further direction on product usage and warnings.

How do I use the stencils in the henna kits?

Cut out stencil along the outline of the hand. Cut out design sections separately and place where desired on hands. Remove backing and firmly press onto skin.

Is this authentic henna?

These kits do not contain actual henna. Our Tulip Henna Tattoo kits include pre-mixed tattoo paints in a variety of colors and henna-inspired stencils to make your experience quick and easy.

How do I remove face paint?

Most Tulip Face & Body Paints are formulated to wash off with soap and water. Paints can also be removed with rubbing alcohol or preferred makeup remover, as required. Please refer to the product packaging for specific removal instructions.

How to remove face paint from clothing?

Some face paints are more difficult to remove from clothing than others. For best results, apply a mixture of detergent and water (or preferred stain remover) to the fabric and let soak for at least 15 minutes. Gently scrub the area to loosen pigments and rinse in cold water. Repeat as needed and wash fabric. This will remove most of the color, but some staining may remain even after treatment.

Is it safe to paint on your face?

All Tulip Body Art face paint kits are formulated to the FDA’s cosmetic standards. However, some colorants are not approved for direct use on the lips or eye area. Please refer to the product packaging for further direction on product usage.

How can I seal face paint after application?

Body Art face paint designs can be lightly dusted with talc or preferred setting powder in order to immediately set designs.

What is the best way to apply face paint?

Start by applying base colors on the face with a sponge or brush. Paint on fine details with a brush or use a stencil to apply desired pattern.

Is this Face & Body Paint cruelty-free?

Our products are “cruelty-free” meaning they are not developed, manufactured, or evaluated for safety by use of animal testing.

How do I use the dry paints in the Face Paint Kits?

These paints in these palette kits must be activated with water before applying to skin. Dip your brush in water and apply to paints to turn them into a liquid. Then easily apply the paint to your skin.