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Tulip® One-Step Ice Tie-Dye Kit

For super-cool tie-dye effects!
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Create super cool tie-dye effects with the Tulip® Ice Dye One-Step Tie-Dye Kit®! This easy-to-use tie-dye kit comes with the tools and special instructions you need for your colorful ice tie-dye experience. Stocked with four 2.75-oz. dye bottles containing One-Step Dye powders (blue, sky, lilac and lavender), plus an ice-dye grate, rubber bands, protective gloves, and an inspiration guide. Just add ice and let it melt for watercolor tie-dye effects you can mix & match with other tie-dye looks. No two projects are ever alike! Great for totally unique tie-dye experiences and gift giving too.


1. Pinch a small section of fabric and pull up; bind. Repeat where desired.

2. Place on Ice-Dye Grate; cover with ice. 

3. Sprinkle dry dye powder over ice; let melt.


1. Scrunch fabric tightly into a mound; bind.

2. Place on Ice-Dye Grate; cover with ice.

3. Sprinkle dry dye powder over ice; let melt.


1. Twist fabric into a spiral; bind.

2. Place on Ice-Dye Grate; cover with ice.

3. Sprinkle dry dye powder over ice; let melt.

For more even color blending effects, sprinkle lighter-colored dye powders directly onto your project before adding ice; then cover with ice and sprinkle darker dye powders over the top of the ice. This helps prevent the darker colors from overpowering the lighter colors on your final tie-dye project.


If the ice melts too quickly and leaves unsaturated dye powder on your project, cover with more ice and allow to melt again.


Ice Tie Dye can be used for natural-fabric shoes too! Tape off the soles to protect from the dye, then place DRY shoes on the Ice-Dye Grate and proceed with the regular instructions.

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