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10 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Did you wait until the last minute to figure out gifts this year? Don’t stress, sometimes procrastination pays off! We put together this roundup of last-minute Christmas gifts that are affordable, easy to DIY, and guaranteed to make everyone on your list happy – even your dog.

Custom Sleep Mask

A lot of us have been focusing on wellness this year, and sleep is totally part of that focus! Rest and relaxation are a crucial part of self-care. So for that friend of yours who struggles with sleep or winding down after a busy day, a soft, comforting sleep mask is a fantastic gift idea. And this is one last-minute Christmas gift that you can make in the morning with ColorShot Instant Fabric Color, and have ready to wrap in the time it takes to dry! Put some simple sleep masks on rush order and use ColorShot to customize with your own creative spin.

Tie-Dye Throw Pillows

Do you have a friend or family member who is obsessed with decorating and changing their décor every season? Home decorating can be expensive, but not a custom set of tie-dye throw pillows you can make yourself! This last-minute Christmas gift idea can be made one day and ready the next. You can customize pillows in your friend or family member’s favorite colors, or match them to seasonal colors, whatever they would like best! It’s a fun gift that’ll satisfy their need to decorate AND will help them cozy up to something comfortable at the same time.

Customized Backpack

Backpacks aren’t just for students these days, and thank goodness. They come in handy for all sorts of on-the-go adventures! For that traveling, adventure-seeking friend of yours, might we suggest a customized backpack they can take with them on any and every excursion? Choose a bag in their favorite color and use Tulip Dimensional Paints or Dazzling Glitter Paints to create cool art, or even words that inspire them on every journey. This is one last-minute Christmas gift that will be put to good use in the years to come!

Personalized Pet Dishes

Our furry family members deserve presents too! Save on spend AND make them a gift they’ll love every single day, like a custom set of food and water bowls. Before you hop online and start searching for a company that can customize a set, grab some Tulip Dimensional Paint and personalize the bowls yourself! You can create cute sayings, or their name; whatever you think will make chow time even more appetizing. This gift will be ready in a few hours after the paint dries, so this is one more last-minute Christmas gift you can check off your list.

Custom Cat Hanging Planters

We all have that friend we’re jealous of because they have an amazing garden and can keep any plant alive and thriving no matter what. (Don’t look at us, we’re not that friend. Yay for fake plants!) A great last-minute Christmas gift idea for the plant whisperer in your life is a cute, custom planter, of course! You can easily upcycle some 2-liter bottles into the most purrrfect planters they’ve ever seen with just a few supplies like spray paint and Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paints. If they’re not into cats, you can easily modify this project into other animals!

Dyed Cloth Napkins

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the entertainer in your life. They’re the person who always throws the best dinner parties with the coolest themes … and you know, everything on their table matches, from the dishes down to the placemats. We even have a last-minute Christmas gift idea for THAT PERSON. How about a custom set of cloth napkins? Normally you might think that’s a boring gift idea, but not to the host with the most! This cool technique uses dye in spray bottles and plants as a resist, but you can switch out the plants for other items and choose dye colors you know they’ll love. And hey, maybe you’ll get out of having to help with dishes at the next party after giving them such a unique, personal gift.

DIY Monogram Doormat

We all love our families (maybe?), but for the person in your life who’s ALL ABOUT family (you can easily figure out who they are because they do everything with their family), a personalized family monogram doormat will be a big hit! This last-minute Christmas gift idea is also great for the friend of yours who just moved into a new place and needs a cool doormat to greet visitors. Doormats can be super pricey, but not a simple one you can update with ColorShot and stencils. Get creative in colors they love, and you can bet you’ll always be welcome when showing up at their front door!

Tie-Dye Fashion Kit

Still haven’t spotted anything for that hard-to-shop-for friend on your list? We totally get it. We all know someone who is almost impossible to find gifts for. But you still want to get them something thoughtful, right? This is where DIY kits come in handy! For the aspiring fashion designer who loves changing their clothing and accessories constantly, this Tie-Dye Fashion Kit is sure to be a hit on Christmas morning. And they’ll have you to thank for launching their career once they become famous!

Crafter’s Storage Tub Kit

This last-minute Christmas gift is a great one for the crafty people in your life of any age. The Tulip Crafter’s Storage Tub Kit has everything they need for lots of creative adventures! Stocked with Dimensional and Brush-On Fabric Paints, stencils, glitters, Fabric Markers and more, they’ll think this fabulous kit came straight out of Santa’s workshop. It’s up to you whether you want to one up Santa this year or not.

DIY T-shirt Design Kit

We all wear T-shirts, and we all know someone who ONLY wears T-shirts. That’s why this DIY T-shirt Design Kit will be a hit for pretty much anyone on your list. This fun kit includes an LED Tracing Pad, stencils and more for creating your very own T-shirt designs. And it can be used for other crafts too! Swoop up this kit and save the day this Christmas with a gift that’ll be put to good use all year long. Now that you’re hopefully inspired by this list of last-minute Christmas gifts, it’s time to get busy! What will you be DIYing this holiday season? Tag us on social @tulipcolorcrafts and share with us!