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Rainbow Coloring Craft with Fabric Markers

Coloring crafts are a great way to de-stress and do something creative, no matter how old you are! This Tulip Fabric Markers 20-piece Kit comes with a pre-printed fabric roll-up case for conveniently storing your fabric markers in one place, and also makes it easy to tote your markers for coloring crafts on the go! In this tutorial, Crafterward will show you how to add some rainbow ombre flair to your fabric marker case. Let’s get inspired to get colorful!

Coloring craft supplies

For this coloring craft, you only need your Tulip Fabric Markers Kit and a ruler! You can color in your own ombre effects onto the roll-up case like Crafterward, or color in the pre-printed designs in your own way. Get creative and most importantly, have fun!

Use marker to divide case into sections

After you decide how many colors you want to use for your ombre design, use your ruler and a marker in the corresponding color to divide the case into even sections. Make a small dot at the edge of the case where each color will end and a new one will begin. For a rainbow ombre design, you’ll want to work in rainbow color order (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet).

Continue coloring each section

Continue coloring each section in rainbow order. Use your ruler to help create a straight line across the case with the fabric marker, then color in that section above the line.

Rainbow Ombre Roll-Up Case

Once dry, your fabric marker roll-up case is ready to use! Tulip Fabric Markers are permanent and washable, so if you end up needing to wash your case, you can! What other coloring crafts are you inspired to create with Tulip Fabric Markers? Tag us on social @tulipcolorcrafts and share with us!