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Technique Tie-Dye Kits

Tulip® One-Step Spray Dye Kit

Provides a unique delivery of dye for unique results every time!
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Tulip® One-Step Spray Dye gives you another easy way to tie dye! Each dye color comes prepackaged in individual spray bottles so all you have to do is add water before spraying on bold, beautiful color that lasts wash after wash. The spray nozzle makes it great for masking, shibori, ombre and other techniques that require more control when applying dye. Innovation, premium quality and ease of use make Tulip One-Step Tie Dye "America's Favorite Tie Dye"!

This Spray Dye Kit contains 7 4-fl. oz. capacity bottles of dye with spray tops, dye tools and an easy-to-follow technique guide. Each spray bottle comes equipped with a spray nozzle that coordinates with the color inside for easy color determination.

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