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Tie Dye Matching Sweatsuits and Masks for the Whole Fam

Remember when the weather was cooler and we were all wearing tie-dye sweatsuits? We’re all still planning on wearing them again when fall hits, right? We’ll even take a cold breeze or some extra air conditioning so we can get out our cute & cozy sweatsuits right now. But this time we’re taking our tie-dye sweatsuits to the next level with matching tie-dye face masks and gear for the whole fam – yes, even our furry family members. Get inspired to step into fall in serious tie-dye style with this easy tutorial from Mikyla Creates!

What you need:

Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit of choice (Mermaid Kit featured in this post) 

- White 100% cotton sweatsuit

- White 100% cotton Face Masks

- White 100% cotton T-shirt

- White 100% cotton scarf or bandana for pets

- Disposable plastic surface cover

- Sealable plastic bag

- Paper towels

- Extra bowl (optional)

- Measuring spoons (optional)

Prewash clothing and add water to dye bottles

As always when working with tie dye, cover your work surface with a protective plastic cover and prewash your sweatsuit and other items to tie dye – without fabric softener. If you’re going to be tie dyeing right away, you can leave them damp straight from the washing machine. Then add water to your dye bottles and mix according to the instructions.

Mix dyes to create custom colors

Tie dye is already super fun, but what makes One-Step Dyes even better is you can mix them to create your own custom colors! Mikyla decided to mix 1/8 teaspoon of Turquoise dye powder with 1/8 teaspoon of Aegean Sea for her tie dye. You can do this in a bowl then add water, or you can also premix your dyes with water, then combine them that way. Then test your dyes on a paper towel to see how they’ll look on your fabrics, and add more of a color if desired. 

Fold and bind projects

Fold and bind your projects using any of your favorite tie-dye techniques! Mikyla went with the crumple tie-dye pattern for hers, but you can seriously use any technique for tie dyeing your sweatsuit. Repeat with your face mask, pet bandana and any other project you’re tie dyeing.

Add dyes to projects

Now it’s time to tie dye your projects! Add which ever color dyes you like, and make sure to rotate the fabrics as you add dye so you get all sides. If you have a lot of crumples or folds, work the tips of the dye bottle(s) into the folds as you squeeze the dye onto your projects. This helps the dye better saturate the fabrics.

Let dye set, then rinse and wash

Once you’ve added your dyes to your sweatsuit, masks and other items, cover with plastic or place in a sealable plastic bag to keep damp while the dye processes. You’ll want to leave them in plastic for 6 to 8 hours or longer for the dye to fully set. Then rinse and launder according to your kit instructions.

Tie-dye pet scarf

Now it’s time for everyone in the fam to show off their matching tie dye! Even your furry family members will love sporting their very own tie-dye look. PS. How PAWSITIVELY adorable is Mikyla’s dog?! 

Matching tie-dye family outfits

You can count us IN for family photos in totally fantastic tie-dye looks! The holidays will be here before we know it – get prepped now!

Matching tie-dye outfits and masks

Don’t forget your masks! You’ll be the cutest crew out and about with your matching tie-dye outfits and masks!