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Dual Tip

Graffiti Fabric Markers Neon 6 Pack

Get the best of both worlds with these dual-tip fabric markers!
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Markers dry permanently on fabric without heat setting, making them fun and easy for all ages. Use the chisel tip for bold lines and word art, and the bullet tip for detail work. Graffiti Fabric Markers are also machine washable, so your designs keep up with life on the fly. Pack includes 6 dual-tip fabric markers in a bright palette. Pack includes 6 dual-tip fabric markers featuring chisel and bullet tips

• Nontoxic and safe for all ages

• Premium-quality inks are permanent without heat setting and resist fading – even after multiple machine washes

• Smooth application - markers won't snag fabric

• Water based and acid free

If your project has different color needs, a dual-tip marker might be ideal for you! Featuring a brush tip on one end and an extra-fine tip on the other end, this is the ultimate multitasking Fabric Marker!

Store markers horizontally.

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